Saturday, 5 March 2011

I really can't win, can I?

Really, if you're going to call bullshit or attention seeker or whatever the fuck you want. Go fuck yourself because I really don't care. That being said, I really can't win with people.

Monday, 20 September 2010

How about no.

More rants. Roleplaying rant. Yeah, Pri roleplay writes in her spare time. I like writing, so sue me.

Also these are my own personal opinions, if you don't like my opinion... Oh well? Nobody is forcing you to agree with me.

Nothing is 'original'... So why do people demand such? Pretty much every idea is derived from another idea which was derived from another which was... You get the point.

Roleplaying fandoms like games and books, nothing wrong with that. If you want to take the role of an existing universe character, go ahead and do it. If you want to add your own 'original' character, sure thing, just make sure they fit for the genre. But do not... DO NOT come to me with your Mary/Gary-Sue who's perfect in every way, can kill the badguy of the game with no issues and is so pretty/awesome that even the most hardup of existing fandom would instantly fall for them. Just DO NOT DO IT. Nothing pisses me off more... Geez. I play my own characters in fandom sometimes, but at least I give them backbone, disadvantages and personality quirks. In no way am I perfect at my hobby, but damn I at least try.

Another thing about fandoms and 'original' characters that pisses me off...

'I only play female.'
'I only play my OC.'
'You MUST play (Insert Canon Male #9348893 here)'
'Must have romance.'

No.. Just no. Firstly, I'll play who I goddamn want, perhaps I'll play a mix of both. Who knows. But I absolutely won't play just your boytoy just for you to act out your childish fantasies on a fictional character. And romance? You can't just get stuff like that instantly. Just like real life, such needs to be developed. For all you know, the player characters would end up hating each other due to actions that take place during the roleplay. Please just grow up, it is possible to play a different gendered role from time to time. Sure, you might suck at it at first, but hey. Practice makes perfect, does it not?

Following on from the romance-grabbers. Let's talk about sexualities in romance. Okay, so I don't care if you're gay or not. Personally I'm bisexual and lean more to girls over guys. It doesn't stop me from playing a gay male character or a straight female, as it's just assuming the role of that character, not myself. What I don't get is people who claim to be straight, yet will only play something like maleslash. Why...? 'Because it's hot.' Last time I checked, roleplaying in general was a writing hobby, not some bad fanfic for you to fap off too. If want that kinda thing, go to some adult chat or something. Heck, I've even seen people who say they're straight, think gays are the grossest thing ever, but they only want to play female slash. This doesn't make sense!

Lastly... Ditching. Okay, I confess. I used to ditch out of games a few years ago, back in like 2007/08. These days? I tend to voice why I want to quit or change something. It really is just common courtesy. I can understand how people get busy, but does it really hurt to send a 30 second message saying such? At least this way I know to expect a delay in the game moving onwards. But to just up and ditch without a word is clearly rude. If you have an issue or are just plain bored, say something! I'm not going to bite your head off. Sure, I might be a little disappointed, but what can I do? What really grinds my gears however are those who claim they're busy/away for a while/writers block... Yet their posting history clearly shows them posting or looking for new games! People aren't that dumb. x( And yeah, I can be a post stalker at times. So sue me. <3

There's probably more I could rant about.. But I feel tons better now already. +_+;

Friday, 17 September 2010

Battle my foot.

Rant time. :c

Sure, guild battles are nice and all. But that's not the only reason guilds exist. Well, I suppose if you're part of a guild that's dedicated to guild battles, attending when asked is to be expected. But as most guilds play for fun... You have no right in DEMANDING them to do as you want. This includes constantly spamming people who are afk, busy, or just plainly do not want to play at that moment. They're not going to change their mind if you keep pestering them after they'd told you nicely no. If anything, that's going to make them not want to play with you at all. Such attitudes aren't really becoming of someone who's supposed to be a representative of a guild anyway.

People would get on a lot better if you took time to get to know them, maybe even play with them outside of battles. It's not needed, but it'd be nice to do instead of being an ass to everyone just because they won't play with you.

Tl;dr summary: Don't demand stuff from people, they'll dislike you very quickly. No means no.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Differencing between 'Need' and 'Want'

This has to be one of the things that pisses me off the most. What is it about the current generation that makes them incapable of knowing the different between a need and a want? Sure, I jest about how I 'need' something sometimes, but I don't do it all the time. Seriously...

Need - Water, warmth and to a lesser extent food.
Want - Something you'd like to have. But you won't suffer or die without it.

Take into consideration the above. Now tell me why people insist how they 'Need' a certain thing. It happens everywhere, in social circles, economy, shopping, even online games. People insisting how they 'need' something like that new brand name shirt. You don't need it, you want it. You won't die without it. Now don't get me started on how the latest expensive brand name thing is a MUST HAVE. That's a whole other debate right there.

Face it, you don't 'need' everything you see. If it really was a need, a lot of people would be dropping dead every time they see something new that they can't obtain. Yet... This isn't happening, is it?

Que Rien?

Hi. Rien moved to a new blog. Why? Because LJ got old.
I guess I'll be using this blog to rant on stupid things, I duno. x) But something is coming up.

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